Residential Lease

June 5, 2009

Protect yourself Legally. With your purchase you will receive access to our General Residential Lease, as well as access to 50 state specific Lease Agreements. A Residential Lease details the following:

•Landlord/Tenant Names
•Start Date/time of Lease (Term of Lease)
•Address of Property
•Rent (Amount, date payable)
•Use of Premises
•Condition of Premises
•Alterations & Improvements
•Hazardous Materials
•Utilities (who is responsible Landlord/Tenant)
•Maintenance & Repair (Rules)
•Damage to Property
•Inspection of Property
•Subordination of Lease
•Surrender of Premises
•Animals (if animals, Deposit)
•Quiet Enjoyment
•Late Charge
•And More

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