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June 8, 2009

Home Selling Tips

Articles & Advice For Selling your Home or Renting Property

What is a Real Estate Contract? A real estate contract is a mutual promise between a buyer and seller of property for the future transfer of ownership of the property. The contract does not……

Negotiating an offer to purchase a home You have found the home of your dreams! What comes next? The next step is to make an offer to purchase the property. The offer should be in……

Offer to Purchase Form Buying a home is no doubt a major decision for everyone involved. Once you’ve found the perfect property, whether it is your dream home or an investment opportunity, the crucial “offer to purchase” is considered the next step, serving as the basis of the sales or purchase contract.

Quitclaim Deed A quitclaim deed is a legal document that conveys interest or rights of a property by a grantor to a grantee. A grantor is the person or entity…..

Real Estate Disclosure Form Property sellers are required by law to fill out a property disclosure form that discloses material facts about the house they are selling. Material facts are details…

Rental Application A Rental Application is a form used by landlords, lessees and property managers to gather information about prospective tenants. In other words, this form is a tool to screen potential tenants for their desirability.