Offer to Purchase Real Estate

June 8, 2009

The “Offer to Purchase Real Estate” Form

Buying a home is no doubt a major decision for everyone involved. Once you’ve found the perfect property, whether it is your dream home or an investment opportunity, the crucial “offer to purchase” is considered the next step, serving as the basis of the sales or purchase contract.

If you don’t know this already, putting an offer down on paper is not just about price. It is the beginning of negotiations between the buyer and the seller, and the information you provide here will affect the conditions and the outcome of the transaction. Making sure that your goals are met, and that you are protected legally are all important issues to factor in, and it is also a good idea to consider the reaction of the seller towards your offer so that you can position your negotiations well.

Although this process of making an offer to purchase a home can seem daunting especially for the first-time buyer, an “Offer to Purchase Real Estate Form” can provide the essential tools to ensure success with this important event. And while this form does not serve to replace the services of a lawyer or experienced realtor, it can accelerate the process as well as save you money.

An “Offer to Purchase Real Estate Form” will give you the necessary knowledge to purchase your home with confidence by giving you a good idea on what to expect, and the know-how in deciding what is best for your needs. This form will include the necessary details such as how you will finance the purchase, inspections, repairs and fixtures to be included, terms, costs and so on. Once this form is filled out to your satisfaction, you are well on the way to a worry-free experience in the momentous occasion of purchasing your new home.

Our Offer to Purchase Form is a 3 page document that details the following:

•Buyer & Sellers Names
•Property Address & Description (State, City, County)
•Deposit or Earnest Money
•Purchase price of the property
•Closing Date
•Details about:
•Time allowance to buyer to secure a mortgage
•Any inspections of the property
•Additional fixtures (if any) to be included in the sale of the property (Curtains, rugs, etc)
•And More

The Offer to Purchase Form will open in your Word Program. Simply open, edit, save or print.

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